John Gibbons drone pilot Skyworks WA

Our Team

John Gibbons

CEO, Chief UAV "drone" pilot

John has been a professional photographer since 1992, after gaining a Higher National Diploma in Photography and Design with Film Production, and subsequently running his own commercial photography business.  

John also gained his private pilot's license in 1997 giving him valuable experience and knowledge of aircraft and their use in aerial photography.  This often involved hanging out of a Cessna light aircraft or helicopter with an SLR camera to capture stunning aerial imagery until 2013 when he was one of the first to invest in UAVs, and "Skyworks" was born.

Embracing the latest technology, it is this combination of photographic and piloting ability that enables John to fly UAVs with exceptional skill and with the end product/sequence always in mind.  John is now in his sixth year of UAV piloting with hundreds of hours of flying experience.

Colette Gibbons

Director, Finance Manager, Camera Operator......

Colette is a qualified CA and has worked in several industries over the past 20 years including oil & gas and logistics as well as helping run John's photography business.  She now devotes most of her time to managing the business side of Skyworks WA, as well as being a talented camera operator, both with ground-based cameras and UAVs; capturing smooth and steady footage independently from the UAV flight controls.

Skyworks WA on location

John and Colette work seamlessly together as a formidable pilot/cameraman team and are able to work in the remotest of locations.

Drone pilot John Gibbons
Skyworks team at work