Some examples of our photographs can be viewed on our Photo Gallery page, with more available to view on our Instagram Page:

A few examples of our promotional films can be viewed on our Videos page, with many more available to view on our Vimeo site:


Stock Footage

Having been filming for many years now (in Western

Australia, Uganda and Kenya), we have an extensive library

of footage.  We love what we do and take every opportunity

when we are not working on a specific assignment to

capture mother nature.  

If you're working on a project and missing that key bit of

footage, or need a scenic intro, we may be able to help -

just get in touch!

Survey & Inspection

We can provide an affordable solution to obtaining high quality survey photography of localised, small-scale, site specific projects such as;

  • mapping - orthophotographic imagery enabling area and volume measurements of areas up to approximately 100 hectares (larger areas possible depending on location and detail required)
  • masts & rigs,
  • industrial structures,
  • historical buildings,
  • agriculture - crops & distribution,
  • emergency response,
  • search & rescue.
Survey and Inspection Services
Event Filming Fedor Konyukhov
Event filming Augusta


With more than 25 years' professional photography experience to draw from, we have both the creative and the technical skills that we continually utilise to provide stunning imagery for our clients including;

  • event photography - both aerial and ground-based, often alongside the filming process described above,
  • timelapse photography - either as a stand-alone sequence, or as part of a promotional video
  • construction projects - from planning, to breaking ground, through construction to completion,
  • environmental services - to assist with environmental impact assessments, monitoring erosion, damage inspection etc,
  • property - farms, hotels, schools, industry, institutions etc, 
  • 360 degree photos

Promotional Filming

Breathtaking footage from a different perspective for TV & film, documentaries, advertisements or internet promotion - sports, tourism, construction, development, wildlife etc.  We don't stop at just the aerial work - we do the whole thing, start to finish, including;

  • risk assessments and careful planning alongside the client/event coordinators,
  • prior liaison with stakeholders, property owners, emergency services and any party likely to have a concern regarding our aerial operations,
  • capturing dynamic aerial footage with the end sequence always in mind, including night filming,
  • using non-aerial cameras including tripod, mounted DSLRs with a variety of lenses, hand held gimbal-stabilised cameras and Go-Pros to capture timelapses, interviews, on-board footage, behind the scenes activity, close-ups and more,
  • creative editing to appropriate licensed music.